Non-Agency Personal Care Aide

Personal care aide services and eligibility requirements are defined in Ohio Administrative Code 5101-46-04. Individuals seeking to apply as a non-agency personal care aide must meet the requirements set i forth in the Ohio Administrative Code and must provide accurate and appropriate documentation to verify their eligibility. There are three options for how an applicant may qualify as a non-agency personal care aide: Nurse Aide Competency Training, Other Equivalent Training, or Consumer-Specific Training Option.

Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Program

The applicant may have obtained training from either a nurse aide competency evaluation program through the Ohio Department of Health or a Medicare competency evaluation program for home health aides. The provider applicant must submit a certificate of completion dated within the last 24 months of the date of application as part of the provider application. If an applicant completed the nurse aide competency evaluation program and achieved State Tested Nurse Aide status, his or her training is considered current if he or she is listed as “In Good Standing” on the Ohio Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry. Applicants that are State-Tested Nurse Aides must submit a copy of his or her State-Tested Nurse Aide card issued by the Ohio Department of Health.

Other Equivalent Program

The applicant may obtain training from an equivalent program.

The training documentation must include proof that the following training was provided:

  • Personal care aide services that assist the individual on a waiver program with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living impairments;
  • Basic home safety; and
  • Universal precautions for infection control, including hand-washing and proper disposal of bodily waste and medical instruments that are sharp or may produce sharp pieces if broken.

All non-agency personal care aide applicants must submit evidence of having obtained first aid certification, which includes hands-on training by a certified first aid instructor. A copy of the current and valid first aid card or certificate must be included with the application. The first aid class cannot be solely Internet-based.

Licensed Practical Nurse

The Provider Oversight Contractor must conduct a licensure verification of the Licensed Practical Nurse’s eligibility on Ohio Board of Nursing website (

Licensed Practical Nurse applicants must identify the Registered Nurse under whose direction the Licensed Practical Nurse will work on their application. The Provider Oversight Contractor can find this information by reviewing the electronic application attached to the applicant’s file. The Provider Oversight Contractor must also verify the Registered Nurse’s license on the Ohio Board of Nursing website.

Registered Nurse

The Provider Oversight Contractor must conduct licensure verification of the Registered Nurse’s eligibility on the Ohio Board of Nursing website (

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